Binoculars, Riflescopes, Battle Lights

Steiner Heritage™ Warranty

With every Steiner optical product comes a lifelong relationship, with you and yours. It is based on this solemn promise: when you pass your Steiner Optic on to your children, and they on to their children, you pass on a lifelong relationship with Steiner too.

We are committed to building optics that never need service. However, should one become damaged or defective, for any reason other than theft or deliberate misuse, we will repair or replace it at no charge – no questions asked. That’s our promise to not only you, but to all those who will own your Steiner optic after you.


  • We will repair or replace your Steiner binocular, riflescope or battle light at no charge to you should it become damaged or defective.
  • No warranty card needed
  • No receipt required
  • Fully transferable – from generation to generation

“Lifetime” optics warranties are common these days. That’s why Steiner products are built to last many lifetimes. They have to, so we build them that way. Any warranty service is a hassle. It means precious time lost not pursuing your mission or your outdoor passion. That’s why the Steiner Heritage™ Warranty promises more than hassle-free service. It stands for not needing service in the first place.

We build trusted optics for life’s defining moments. Pursuit of these moments demands quick detection, location and identification of your objective through your most important sense, vision. Be it in pursuit of wild life, a marine bearing, law enforcement suspect or military combatant, our commitment to quality and the Steiner Heritage™ Warranty is our promise that Nothing Escapes You™.

The new Steiner Heritage™ Warranty means we stand behind our products. Over half a century of experience building rugged and reliable, mil-spec product and supplying them to armed forces all around the world allows us to have this kind of confidence. We at Steiner are totally committed to the very highest standards of quality, dependability, and most of all customer satisfaction. Our Heritage™ Warranty assures you of that commitment.

If you have already purchased a Steiner product, fill out the warranty registration.

Laser Devices

Steiner 3-Year Warranty

On all laser devices, Steiner offers a 3-Year Limited Warranty from the date of purchase that covers all laser, optical and electronic components, materials and workmanship. All warranties are void if the serial number or manufacturer’s labels affixed to the product have been removed, or if products have been abused, misused, modified, neglected or have been disassembled prior to return to the manufacturer.