ShadowQuest Binoculars being used to combat poaching in Namibia

The U.S. Embassy in Namibia recently provided the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism 65 pairs of low-light binoculars, to be used in Namibia's anti-poaching efforts.

The Steiner Shadowquest (or Nighthunters, as they are known outside the US) are just the first of many items that will be donated by the Embassy, followed by GPS receivers, camping equipment, crime scene investigation supplies and motor vehicles.

Low-light binoculars are essential equipment for anti-poaching efforts, and the Shadowquest binoculars are the best in the business for transmitting as much light as possible. It's why Steiner has seen the Shadowquest being put into use by border patrols, wildlife rangers, tactical teams, and now, as part of a large and essential effort to stop poaching in Africa. 

Read the US Embassy press release here.