Floating Strap

Padded in a visible yellow, long-lasting waterproof jacket, the Steiner marine binocular Float Strap with ClicLoc® adapts to most marine binoculars and many others.

  • 769: ClicLoc tabs - Fits Commander XP (yellow float strap with no black stripe).
  • 768: No ClicLoc - Fits many models of binoculars using universal straps (yellow float strap with no black stripe).
  • 7699: No ClicLoc  - Fits Navigator Open Hinge.
  • 76803: ClicLoc tabs - Fits Navigator Pro, Commander and Global Commander (with or without compass).
  • 76804: ClicLoc tabs - Fits Navigator Pro 7x30 models only (with or without compass).

MSRP: $46.99 - $68.99


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