H6Xi 3-18x50mm

Military Ruggedness in a Hunting Scope.

Dominate your hunts with an optic you can trust. Born out of necessity and with the modern hunter in mind, the H6Xi riflescope series fuses military ruggedness with American craftsmanship. The result? An ultimate, robust precision optic ready to shatter limitations.


Item NumberMSRPMagnificationReticleObjective Lens DiameterFocal PlaneTube DiameterField of ViewEye ReliefExit PupilLengthWeightDiopter Adjustment RangeIllumination ControlElevation Adjustment KnobWind/Elevation Click ValueParallax/FocusParallax/Focus RangeNitrogen FilledOperating Temperature RangeLens CapWaterpoof/FogproofBatteryWarranty
8786$2,298.993-18xSteiner MHR50mm1st30mm36 - 7 ft, at 100 yds.3.85 - 3.52 inch9.4 - 3.3 mm13.3 in27.4 oz+2 to -3Rotary Dial0.25 MOA70 MOASide Focus25 yd. to InfinityYes-13°F to +145°FYesYesCR2032Steiner Heritage™ Warranty

Feature Set

Evolved from the T6Xi

Building upon the legacy of the renowned T6Xi series, the H6Xi brings tactical DNA to your hunt. Every component is meticulously designed to withstand the rigors of the field while maintaining exceptional optical clarity.

Proudly Assembled in the USA

Inspired by years of German heritage, but crafted on American soil, the H6Xi exemplifies the finest in precision optics. With uncompromising attention to detail and craftsmanship, this series guarantees top-tier performance that meets the high standards set by hunters and shooters alike.

Rugged Design

Milled from solid aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, the H6Xi 30mm tube delivers a rugged waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof design with weight and compactness in mind.

First Focal Plane Clarity

The H6Xi features a first focal plane design, ensuring that your reticle subtensions remain accurate at any magnification setting. Say goodbye to second-guessing holdovers and enjoy unparalleled consistency in every shot.

Modern Hunter Reticle

Seamlessly combining versatility and precision, the Modern Hunter Reticle presents duplex crosshairs for quick aiming in the lower magnification range and precise, illuminated denotation for wind drift and bullet drop when zoomed in for distant shots. Adapt swiftly to changing scenarios while maintaining exceptional accuracy.

92% Light Transmission

Unleash the full potential of your hunting experience with remarkable 92% light transmission. During the golden hours of dawn or dusk, the H6Xi ensures optimal brightness and clarity, giving you the edge in low-light conditions.

HD Glass for Unrivaled Clarity

Equipped with high-density glass, the H6Xi series provides crystal-clear imagery that redefines your perception of detail. No terrain is too challenging, and no target is too distant when you have uncompromised clarity at your fingertips.

Wide Field of View

Capture the entire scene effortlessly with an expansive field of view. Whether tracking moving targets or surveying your surroundings, the H6Xi guarantees that you won't miss a moment.

Featherweight Design

The H6Xi series ensures that your hunting rig remains agile and maneuverable. Every ounce was counted and every ounce saved translates into one more ridge top or one more mile during those demanding hunts.

6x Optical System

Immerse yourself in the world of sixfold optical magnification offering incredible versatility and range to accommodate various hunting styles and distances.

Three Magnification Options

Three models cover those who count ounces on the trail to those looking for enhanced magnification. The first focal plane 6x optical system is offered in 2-12x42mm, 3-16x50mm, and 5-30x50mm zoom ranges

Fine Parallax Adjustment

Precision aiming comes standard with the H6Xi's fine parallax adjustment down to 25 yards. Maintain consistent accuracy across different distances, ensuring your shots land true every time.

Locking Diopter

Achieve a customized and ergonomic viewing experience with the locking diopter. Set your preferred reticle focus and secure it in place to maintain optimal clarity, even during the intense hunts.

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