Predator 10x42 LRF

To High Definition optics we add the Predator diamond coating - a secret Steiner technology that generates superior light transmission and high contrast imaging. All this in compact, lightweight design that provides the military ruggedness and durability you expect from Steiner.

Decades of range-finding binocular experience packed into an innovative hunting bino.


Item NumberMSRPMagnificationObjective Lens DiameterField of ViewRanging DistanceFocus SystemOptics SystemClose FocusExit PupilEye ReliefLuminosityTwilight FactorCompassEyecupsRubber ArmoringNitrogen FilledWaterproofWeightDimensionsNeck StrapNeck Strap AttachmentObjective CoverCarry CaseBatterySpecial FeaturesWarranty
2057$1,799.9910x42 mm344 ft at 1000 yds5.5 - 1,969 YardsFast-Close Focus™Predator Diamond Coating16.4 ft4.2 mm16 mm17.6420.49NoErgonomic Rotary EyecupsNBR Long Life Rubber ArmoringYesUp to 1 meter35.8 oz8.27 in x 5.5 in x 2.2 inYesUniversalYesYesCR2LRF measuring rangeSteiner Heritage™ Warranty

Feature Set

Innovative Design

The Predator LRF seamlessly integrates electronics components into the binocular housing, ensuring an optimal grip devoid of any bumps or protrusions that might obstruct usability.

Angle Compensation

The built-in angle compensation feature delivers essential information to hunters, automatically adjusting displayed distance or line-of-sight to account for varying angles of observation, ensuring accuracy and precision in every shot.

Versatile Measuring Modes

Ensure precision in every measurement with an array of modes, including standard, rain, long-distance, or short-distance options, while continuous scan mode allows for rapid landscape assessment. Seamlessly switch between meters or yards, making our binocular suitable for use on any continent.

Predator Diamond Coating

Developed by Steiner Optics, the Predator Diamond Coating revolutionizes high-definition optics by leveraging proprietary technology to achieve unmatched light transmission, exceptional contrast, and unparalleled high-definition imaging capabilities.


The central focusing wheel requires minimal rotation for quick, absolute sharpness from close up to infinity.

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