Laser & Lights Technology

Better accuracy in high risk situations. Our mission is the design engineering, manufacturing and marketing of the most advanced laser-based weapon aiming solutions that enhance the performance, protection and confidence of military personnel, law enforcement officers and law-abiding citizens. Our aiming solutions are field-tested and proven to perform with supreme accuracy and effectiveness in the most adverse real-world shooting conditions.

Engineering and Manufacturing Capabilities

State-of-the-Art Engineering Department

Steiner eOptics maintains a state-of-the-art engineering department with a full complement of experienced mechanical, electrical and optical engineers. These skilled professionals are supported by a number of mechanical designer draftsmen and highly skilled electrical and mechanical technicians.

Rapid Prototyping

Once the initial design process is finished Steiner eOptics uses advanced, rapid 3D printing stations to prototype and perfect the design. Because we’re located close to Silicon Valley, we have access to supplier and resources to quickly take a design project from a bare concept to a working, testable prototype in 60 days.


Once parts and assemblies are received, the design team, supported by skilled electrical and mechanical technicians, is able to assemble and test laser and illumination systems in a state of-the-art engineering optics lab.

Key test and assembly capabilities include:

  • A Class 100 clean room for the assembly of sensitive optics
  • Sensitive optical power meters and beam characterization cameras with the necessary filters and apertures for characterizing all laser outputs from 500nm to 1.5Microns at output powers from .01mW to 500mJ
  • Laser safety room with controlled access and safety shielding to accommodate high energy lasers to 500mJ
  • A full complement of environmental test equipment.

Quality Assurance

Steiner eOptics maintains an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and has continuously maintained an ISO 9001 QMS certification since 2001. Quality plays a very important role at Steiner eOptics and starts with the design and development process. During the initial design review, our engineers evaluate their design concept to make sure that it will meet the necessary quality requirements.

Production Process

The production process ensures that any defects in the assembly process are caught as early as possible. The majority of the assembly stages also have a matching test stage used to confirm that the prior production step was properly performed.

Testing Procedures

Once the production process is finished, military products undergo a rigorous testing process. These tests include:

  • Mechanical Shock to simulate the weapons on which the devices will be mounted
  • Mechanical vibration to simulate transport on military and commercial vehicles including rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft
  • High and low temperature operation and storage testing where the devices are exposed to the maximum expected operating temperatures and storage temperatures
  • Temperature shock where the equipment is heated to a high temperature and transitioned into a very cold temperature within a few seconds
  • Immersion testing both simulated and actual to depths as far as 66 meters
  • Additional environmental testing may include exposure to salt fog, sand or dust and electro-magnetic shock testing.

A Proven Track Record

Steiner eOptics has a proven track record as a Government Contractor supplying military lasers and lights to the U.S. Department of Defense as well as to NATO customers. In addition, to supplying products to our military customers, Steiner eOptics has also been selected to provide design and development services by the U.S. Government and other prime contractors.

Performance Experience

Steiner eOptics has also provided their expertise and design capabilities on other projects such as:

  • The design, development and manufacture of laser transmitters for an electronic marksmanship training system with over 80,000 systems delivered since 1998
  • Light and illumination components including reflectors, bezels, lamps and LED illuminators. More than 60,000 components currently in service
  • Laser modules and assemblies for use with thermal viewers and cameras
  • Custom laser pointers and markers for use in a Friend or Foe Identification System.

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