Nova Beacon

Defense and LE Purchasers
To inquire about purchasing this product for defense and/or law enforcement applications, please check with your local Steiner Defense dealer. If unable to find a local dealer please contact us.

The Nova is a multi-spectral combat ID beacon for covertly marking blue force personnel and vehicles. It includes broadband thermal, NIR, SWIR, and/or white LED emitters. When operated in thermal or SWIR modes, it emits no visible signature and is undetectable by conventional night vision equipment. The Nova has an optical output of approximately 350 mW in the MWIR band (3 - 5 µm), 320 mW in the NIR band (880 nm), 150 mW in the SWIR band (1550 nm), and 70 lumens in the visible spectrum.


  • Positive ID of blue force personnel and vehicles from ground based and airborne thermal imagers, targeting systems, short wave infrared cameras, and NVGs
  • Covert - When operated in thermal or SWIR mode, the Nova is undetectable by all visible and NIR cameras and image intensified night vision devices
  • Six emitter locations can be populated with any combination of emitters
  • Multiple Nova beacons can be synchronized to flash in unison
  • Completely self-contained: configured for use on a helmet, MOLLE vest, pack, or vehicle

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