David Fortier wrote this article for Fireams News

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OPTICS HEAVEN: We tour the Steiner Plant.
Volume 70, Issue 29 (December, 2016), of Firearm News features a six page article on building a T5Xi here at our Greeley facility. 

Steiner hosted several writers at an event where they went through the entire scope building process, learning the complications and complexities of producing a hand-built, high-end riflescope.

It looked easy. You simply took the Q-tip-looking thingy,
dipped it in the cleaner and wiped the lens free of any
particles. Seems straightforward, right? What could be
so difficult about this? My instructor, a very personable
Steiner technician named Rosa, had a knowing smirk on
her face. I did my best to duplicate her technique and then
we examined the lens again. Her smirk became a smile.
There was more debris, lint and particles on the lens now
than when I started. Good grief. I laughed and cleaned it
again, and again and again. Every time I thought it must
be perfect now, she patiently pointed out a particle here
or a speck there. When I finally asked her to show me
her cleaning technique again she took the lens, and with
great skill wiped it spotless in a matter of seconds. It was
obvious she had done this once or twice before.